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Dark Rye Productions

Dark Rye Productions

A Vermont farm, two brothers and some amazing cheese After a rough childhood of Mateo Kehler beating the crap out of his younger brother, Andy, they formed a rare partnership that honors some lofty goals that mend and transcend their sibling rivalry. Now, rather than torturing each other with noogies, they strive to derive meaning from their daily existence via working hard in a place they both love: Greensboro, Vermont. I worked as the Sound Mixer on this story and really enjoyed the company for those few days. If you are ever in The North East Kingdom stop by Greensboro to enjoy some award

White Dwarf Productions

White Dwarf Productions

SLINGSHOT is the 3rd place Winner in the $200,000 GE/FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition. Watch the winners at Best known for his Segway Personal Transporter, inventor Dean Kamen is taking on the world’s great challenges one invention at a time. SlingShot is the story of Kamen, his water purification technology, and his innovative approach to the planet’s safe water crisis. Produced and Directed by Paul Lazarus

Grace Potter Music Video

Grace Potter Music Video

I recordered the first part of the video as they were rehearsing for a show. the were playing the song "One short Night"

May 18, 2009 Hal Colston's Good News Garage Video At the Good News Garage , the motto is: "Donate a car, change a life." Watch Hal Colston at work!

Bobby Flay was in Burlington,VT challanging Mark Bove of Bove's resturant to a throwdown. I was one of the sound men on the shoot.

Before President Obama, another chief executive had to endure questions about his birthplace. Mo Rocca reports on the "birther" controversy surrounding the 21st President, Chester Alan Arthur. I worked as the Sound Mixer for this story.

NASCAR champ Dale Earnhardt Jr. sat down with Mike Wallace to talk about his love of racing and his relationship woes.

Burlington, Vermont is the home of many immigrants from all over the world. Many of them come to this area knowing much about farming and different ways of farming. They help to teach us new and different ways of farming and we in turn teach them our ways.

PSA about the shutting down of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant. I was the Sound Mixer for this shoot.



Teachers have many ways of keeping their students interested. It seems to become more of a challenge as the students get older and these teachers are among the best of the best. We traveled across the US profiling teachers and the techniques they used to keep their students involved and learning. I was the Cameraman / DP on the project and Clay Johnson was the producer. This program aired on the local PBS stations in NC and across the US.

A Vermont family moves into a old house they plan to renovate and find that it is haunted. This was a shoot I worked on for the discovery Channel.

Marc Summers came to Fairfield Vermont to find out how maple syrup is made. The Howrigan Family Farm has been making syrup since 1876. I worked on this story as their Sound Mixer

Katherine Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn

This was a behind the scenes story on Katherine Hepburn's last movie which starred herself,Henry Winkler, & Swoosie Kurtz. It was shot in Wilmington, NC for the program Extra. I worked as the sound man for this shoot and felt very privileged to be in the same room with Katherine Hepburn.

Mourning Senator Kennedy  CBS

Mourning Senator Kennedy CBS

A crowd gathered outside the John F. Kennedy presidential Library in Boston to honor Edward Kennedy. Jim Axelrod was with the senator's constituents who lined the motorcade route to salute him.

Blanche Taylor Moore was accused of killing her husbands using arsenic. her last husband lived to tell the story and have her convicted of the crimes. I was involved with the audio recording of this show and was shooting news when her other husbands were raised from there graves as evidence.

Michael Peterson was convicted of his wife's murder. She had been found after falling down some stairs and the reason's behind the murder are very sketchy to say the least. I worked on this program as the sound mixer.

This was a program shot for The Animal Planet. It was a program that was going around to artist to talk to them about there horse farm. This was done at Joe Perry's house who is lead guitarist for Aerosmith. I was responsible for the sound on this job which was quite a task. I was running up to 7 wireless mikes at a time and mixing using a Sound Devices 442 mixer.

ABC  Unique Sweets

ABC Unique Sweets

Crowd Bids Farwell to Kennedy August 27, 2009 3:59 PM A crowd gathered outside the John F. Kennedy presidential Library in Boston to honor Edward Kennedy. Jim Axelrod was with the senator's constituents who lined the motorcade route to salute him. I was the cameraman for this story when it aired on 8/27/09

I worked as sound mixer on the show Yankee Jungle which aired on Animal Planet

The company is based in Sydney, Australia, and has development and production offices worldwide, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

Host Jill Wagner travels across the U.S. in search of talented artisans who make products by hand.


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