Magliner Sound Cart With HD Monitors,Backup Battery System for 12 Hours Of Power, Communications To Video Village & Boom Operator

(3) Rycote Windjammer With Gale Force Sock


Rycote Softie Windshield & Shock Mount


Lectrosonics MM1 Portable Mic Preamp With


Monitor Headphone


Dcode PS-1a Phantom Power Supply


Whirlwind Qbox Mic./Line Tester


( 3 ) Whirlwind Splitters


Plye Cable Tester PCT60

Denecke Time Code Slate with Back Light


TimeCode Buddy WiFi Master with MiniTX & TX


Anton Bauer Battery Charger Q2


Loon Boom Pole 14Ft. Carbon Fiber


VdB Boom Pole 12Ft. Carbon Fiber


VdB Boom Pole 18Ft. Carbon Fiber


( 4 ) Waterproof Boxes For Wireless Transmitters


BEC Wireless Camera Mounting Box / Saddlebag

. . . . When your audio has to be crystal clear

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