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Magliner Sound Cart With HD Monitors,Backup Battery System for 12 Hours Of Power, Communications To Video Village & Boom Operator

(3) Rycote Windjammer With Gale Force Sock


Rycote Softie Windshield & Shock Mount


Lectrosonics MM1 Portable Mic Preamp With


Monitor Headphone


Dcode PS-1a Phantom Power Supply


Whirlwind Qbox Mic./Line Tester


( 3 ) Whirlwind Splitters


Plye Cable Tester PCT60

Denecke Time Code Slate with Back Light


Tentacle Time Code Boxes


Anton Bauer Battery Charger Q2


Loon Boom Pole 14Ft. Carbon Fiber


VdB Boom Pole 12Ft. Carbon Fiber


VdB Boom Pole 18Ft. Carbon Fiber


( 4 ) Waterproof Boxes For Wireless Transmitters


BEC Wireless Camera Mounting Box / Saddlebag

. . . . When your audio has to be crystal clear

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